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Yuri De Koning: Netherlands

My name is Yuri de Koning and I’m from the Netherlands. Born in 1990 in The Hague (the governmental capital of the Netherlands), I now live and study in Maastricht; the most southern city of my country. I’m a student at the European Law School focusing on European, International as well as Dutch law. Being interested in languages I’ve just started to learn Modern Standard Arabic and the Egyptian dialect.

Of course I’m really looking forward to the expedition given its multicultural as well as international character. If seems to be a unique and very much interesting experience to be together intensively with people from all over the world sharing one another’s views on life. Given the differences in culture, language and habits, it is my view that we – together – will be able to learn a lot from each other, which we will pass on to other people back home of course.

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My home: Maastricht, Netherlands

Right now I live in Maastricht in the Netherlands.