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Tiziano Schuerch: Switzerland

My name is Tiziano, I’m 18 years old and I live in Origlio; a little village close to Lugano (Switzerland). I’m attending the last year of high school.
Politics is one of my biggest interests: I love debating and discussing with other people. I think that debates are the best way to solve conflicts. I’m also very interested in other cultures. For these reasons I’m very glad to participate at the Connecting Cultures project. I’m looking forward to arriving in Oman and to getting to know other 17 young people coming from 16 different countries and cultures.

My biggest passion is architecture; I think that this subject is able to represent each culture in a very precise way. Watching a construction is watching a culture.

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My home: Origlio, Switzerland

Switzerland is a Country with four different linguistic regions. There is a German, a French, an Italian area and a Rhaeto-Romance. I live in the 3th one, precisely in Origlio, a little village close to Lugano. Lugano is the biggest city of the Italian speaking area of Switzerland. It is actually a very small town with only 55’000 citizens, but the landscape is wonderful!